PhD defense

Sergio Balderrama: Optimal design and deployment of isolated energy systems

Friday 11 of March 2022 at 2:00 pm

During the past decades, the planet has undergone increased environmental pressure. This has led to a clear momentum towards the creation of a more sustainable world. In this context, the challenge to provide energy access for all in a fair and sustainable way is an enormous task. To optimize the limited resources, researchers have focused on the use of geographical information systems  to better capture the spatial dimension and define least-cost pathways to universal energy access. The size of the deployment problem imposes to model dispersed energy demands and isolated energy systems in a simplified manner, which can lead to suboptimal solutions. In consequence, there is a need to capture the diversity of conditions in which these systems are deployed.

The goal of this thesis is to contribute to the modeling of rural electrification processes through tailored models and methods. These tools are integrated into a coherent modeling framework, covering the whole value chain between accurate characterization of household  demand to the macroscopic (national) planning of rural electrification. The models related to each relevant scale are soft-linked by defining common variables of interest.  Then, methods to integrate the results of the more detailed models into the higher-level model are introduced.

M. Sylvain Quoilin, Chercheur qualifié FNRS


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