The long history of A&M in numerical methods has led to the development of several numerical tools and solvers.



Finite Element solver for the simulation of solids submitted to large deformations

  • Object-oriented
  • Developed by the MN2L group
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NI2D - Nonlinear Identification to Design  

Software to quickly and robustly detect, locate, visualize and estimate nonlinear phenomena in vibration test campaigns

  • Matlab GUI
  • Developed by NOLISYS and the S3L laboratory
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Software to couple heterogenous fluid and structural solvers for fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems

  • Open source
  • Object-oriented (Python-based)
  • Developed by the MTFCAEA and MN2L groups
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Finite element code to quickly solve transonic potential flows for preliminary aircraft design and optimization
  • Open source (Apache 2.0)
  • Object-oriented (C++ / Python)
  • Interfaced with CUPyDO and openMDAO
  • Developed by the AEAMTFC and MN2L groups
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Other contributions  

The members of A&M also contribute to the further development of external numerical tools and solvers, such as

Moreover, the different research groups regularly use commercial software for their research.

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