The A&M research unit includes 20 research groups, each with different fields of expertise and domains of applications. Expertise includes structural mechanics, material science, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and applied mathematics. The A&M research unit is also actively involved in or maintains close collaborations with other research groups.

Aeroelasticity & Experimental Aerodynamics – AEA

G. Dimitriadis

Flutter and fluid-structure interaction

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Automotive Engineering

P. Duysinx, M. Bruyneel

Design, simulation, prototyping, optimization

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L. Geris

Tissue engineering, biomechanics, bone regeneration

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Computational & Multiscale Mechanics of Materials – CM3

L. Noels

Damage, fracture, micro-structured materials

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Computer-Aided Geometric Design

E. Béchet

X-FEM, Mesh Generation, Level-Sets, CAD-FEM

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Design of Turbomachinery – DoT

K. Hillewaert

Turbomachinery design, aerospace propulsion, CFD, high-performance computing

Laboratory of Human Motion Analysis

C. Schwartz, O. Bruls

Multidisciplinary research for understanding human motion

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Mechanical Vibrations Lab

J.-C. Golinval

Structural dynamics, modal and non-linear analysis

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Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials – MBBM

D. Ruffoni

Bio-inspired composite materials, 3D printing, bone mechanics

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Metallurgy & Material Science

A. Mertens, Y. Marchal, A. Habraken

Microstructure and thermo-physics of metals

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Microfluidics Lab – µFL

T. Gilet

Multiphase flows at the sub-millimeter scale

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Modeling & Mathematical Methods

E. Delhez

Marine hydrodynamics, optimization

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