University of Liege
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Building B52/3
Quartier Polytech 1
Allée de la Découverte 9
4000 Liège



Phone: +32 (0)4 3669195 / +32 (0)4 3669559
Fax: +32 (0)4 3669217 

Department President: Prof. O. Brüls
Research Unit Director: Prof. J.P. Ponthot


Maps and Directions

A&M is located outside of the city on the Sart Tilman campus, in the Polytech area. Most of A&M members have their office and/or laboratory in buildings B52 and B49. In B52, the laboratory aisle (B52/6-8, entrance on the northwest side) has 5 floors (from -2 to +2) and the office aisle (B52/2-3, entrance on the southeast side) has 4 floors (from -1 to +2).

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Research groups 



Administrative A&M office (N. Dumont, A. Scheuer)

B52/3  0 et B52/3  +2

Aeroelasticity & Experimental Aerodynamics – AEA  (G. Dimitriadis) B52/3  +2  
Automotive Engineering  (P. Duysinx) B52/3  +0 B52/6  +0
BioMech Research Group (L. Geris) B52/3  +2  
Computational & Multiscale Mechanics of Materials – CM3  (L. Noels) B52/3  +2  
Computer-Aided Geometric Design  (E. Béchet) B52/3  +2  
Laboratory of Human Motion Analysis  (C. Schwartz, O. Bruls) B52/3  +2 B52/8
Mechanical Vibrations Lab  (L. Salles) B52/3  +2 B52/6  +0
Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials – MBBM  (D. Ruffoni) B52/3  +2 B52/6  -2
Metallurgy & Materials Science  (A. Mertens) B52/3  +2 B52/6  +0
Microfluidics Lab – µFL  (T. Gilet) B52/3  +0 B52/6  -2
Modeling & Mathematical Methods  (E. Delhez) B37  
Multibody & Mechatronic Systems Lab  (O. Bruls) B52/3  +2  
Multiphysics & Turbulent Flow Computation – MTFC  (V. Terrapon) B52/3  +0  
Non-Linear Computational Mechanics – MN2L (J.-P. Ponthot, R. Boman) B52/3  +2  
Precision Mechatronics Laboratory (C. Collette) B52/3  +2 B52/6  +1
Space Structures & Systems Lab  (G. Kerschen)  B52/3  +2 B52/6  +1
Stochastic Modeling  (M. Arnst) B52/3  +0  
Thermodynamics laboratory (V. Lemort, P. Dewallef) B49 B49
Design of Turbomachinery (K. Hillewaert) B52/3 +2 B49
Wind tunnel laboratory  (T. Andrianne) B52/9 B52/9


By car

An extensive road and motorway network (E40, E25, E42, E313) ensures that reaching Liège and the Sart Tilman campus by car is very easy.


GPS coordinates of building B52:

Longitude: 5° 33' 28.911" (5.558030605316162)

Latitude: 50° 35' 6.2232" (50.585062287858925)


GPS coordinates of building B49:

Longitude: 5° 33' 24.3354" (5.556759949043226)

Latitude: 50° 35' 7.9152" (50.58553237954567)


Coming from the E40 or the E42:

At the interchange in Loncin, follow the E25 “Liège-Luxembourg”. After a few minutes, you will enter the Tunnel de Cointe. Take the first exit “Val Benoit-Seraing”. Follow the river Meuse, which should be to your left. At the roundabout, take the second exit and keep following the river. Just before the Standard football stadium, you have to go under a bridge and turn right immediately after the bridge in order to cross it. Then continue to follow the direction “Marche”. The road (called “route de Sclessin”) goes up the Sart Tilman hill for about 3 kilometers. Take the exit “Université de Liège” (2nd exit on the hill). You will then come to another roundabout. Take the first exit and turn right (direction “ULg/CHU") to enter the campus. This road takes you to a third roundabout (the roundabout of the “Amphis de l’Europe"). You have to take the first exit (towards the Boulevard de Colonster). On your left, you will see a sculpture made of dead trees. Finally, turn right at the next roundabout. Building B52 is about 50 meters further, on your left.


Coming from the E25:

Get off the motorway at the exit 40 “Embourg”, and follow the directions “ULg Sart Tilman”.  Once you have reached the Sart Tilman, follow the signs "Polytech 1".



Several parking areas in the vicinity of buildings B52 and B49 are freely accessible. Additionally, the parking P32b is reserved for visitors and personnel, but visitors must be announced in advance to access it. Ask your A&M person of contact if you are planning a visit.


By bus

Several bus lines bring you to Sart Tilman:

  • Line 48: departs from Opera, goes through the city centre and the Guillemins train station, ends at the CHU.
  • Line 58: departs from the Guillemins train station, goes through Sclessin and Ougree, ends in Boncelles.
  • Line 28: from Fléron through Romsée, Chaudfontaine, Beaufays, Tilff, ends at the Amphithéâtres stop on campus.

Get off at the bus stop "Polytech" and walk about 2 minutes.

For more information about bus timetables and routes:



By train

The station “Guillemins” is Liege central station. From there, several bus lines bring you:

  • to the city centre: lines 1 and 4
  • to the Sart-Tilman campus: lines 48 and 58

For more information about trains timetables and routes:


By plane

The national airport is located in Zaventem, near Brussels. Trains operate a frequent service between Zaventem, Brussels and Louvain (Leuven), as well as between those cities and Liège.

More information:

The regional airport of Liège is located in Bierset, next to the E42 motorway. More information:

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