Teaching-related aspects are under the responsibility of the A&M department, in collaboration with the other departments of the School of Engineering. The teaching philosophy aims to build the necessary fundaments in the core disciplines and to develop specific expertise in more advanced and focused topics.

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Theoretical concepts are introduced through analytical, numerical and/or experimental approaches. These concepts are then applied to concrete cases within individual or group projects. In order to ensure a strong link with the industry, experts from different companies frequently contribute to teaching activities. Finally, the close connection between the A&M department and A&M research unit ensures a rapid integration of advances and state-of-the-art in research into the teaching curriculum.

The teaching activities of the A&M department take place at the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels.


Bachelor, Master and post-Master programs 

The A&M department is mainly involved in the Bachelor in Engineering, and in the Master in Mechanical Engineering, Master in Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Master in Aerospace Engineering, Master in Physical Engineering and Master in Biomedical Engineering. Additionally, members of the department can also contribute to other programs.

The department is also involved in the international THRUST program and EMSHIP+ Master in Naval Construction, in collaboration with partner universities.

Finally, the A&M department contributes to several post-Master programs, such as Nuclear Engineering, Sustainable Automotive Engineering.




PhD program

The PhD program at A&M is under the supervision of the Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering doctoral college. The specific credit requirements for the doctoral training within the A&M doctoral college and other information can be found on the A&M intranet.



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