A&M is an active research unit comprising almost 100 full-time researchers. We aim at developing advanced technologies and engineering solutions based on the scientific core disciplines of dynamics, continuum mechanics, material science, thermodynamics and applied mathematics.

am research

Our research projects address questions of interest for a broad range of applications in many industrial sectors, particularly manufacturing and materials, energy, aerospace, digital industry, and health. These questions include the understanding, characterization and predictive modeling of:

  • the mechanical properties of advanced materials, from metals to polymers, composites and biomaterials, solids and liquids, from the microscopic properties to the corresponding macroscopic behavior;
  • the many processes involved in the shaping of these materials, from conventional machining to 3D printing;
  • the design and sizing of mechanical systems (e.g. aerospace or automotive components, prostheses, robots), and the analysis of their nonlinear deformations and vibrations in response to complex loads (e.g. impacts, unsteady aerodynamics);
  • the motion of fluids at every scale (from marine hydrodynamics, through turbulent flows around airfoils and buildings, to the laminar flow in the sub-millimeter channels of a chip for medical diagnostics), and their coupling with moving mechanical structures;
  • the efficient production and conversion of energy from renewable sources (solar, wind, thermodynamic cycles) and the efficient management of this energy in buildings and vehicles.

We commonly take advantage of the combination of complementary methods: experiments, advanced modeling techniques and numerical simulations. The experimental work is performed in eight laboratories, with expertise mostly in the fine characterization and control of forces and displacements of various mechanical systems. Innovative models, mathematical methods and numerical tools are developed for the prediction and control of mechanical behaviors, and for the aid to mechanical design.

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